I have the simplest tastes.
I am always satisfied with the best.
Oscar Wilde

This sentiment is reflected in each and every one of our exclusive creations. Our target is a small circle of connaisseurs who can appreciate the extraordinary and know how to enjoy the pleasure that comes from a timeless drinking culture.

Having travelled many times around the world, visiting distilleries and hunting down the best of spirits, we always returned home with the firm conviction that Argentina, with its fine raw materials and the noble wish of its people to try new methods and ideas, can be transformed into the birthplace of innovative distilled beverages.

The New World can complement Tradition with a fresh breath of Inspiration and Innovation in order to arrive to new territories of taste and quality.

Since 2014, in Free Spirits we have been exploring different possibilities of colaboration with the best distilleries and professionals in the word of alcoholic drinks. This search has re-enforced our initial idea that we can offer the best quality alcoholic drinks of refined taste.

All the aspects of the creation of our spirits are the result of meticulous research and dedication on our part. We are committed to the search for the finest, through innovation, creativity and perseverance.

From the freshness of the South Atlantic and the purity of the Pampa, Free Spirits produces its spirits in small batches, combining the craftsmanship and wealth of Latin America with the ancient tradition and culture of Europe.


1. We are sharing

We collaborate with an ample number of associates in Europe and Argentina, in order to ensure that we are always using the best raw materials for every alcoholic beverage we produce.

2.We are unique

We customize the conditions for the production of each spirit, in order to make sure that they have unique characteristics.

3. We aim for the best

We develop our blends, maintaining the equilibrium and complexity of our homemade recipes, which we try again and again until we reach the taste and consistency desired.

4. We want you to enjoy

We bottle our products, conserving their natural colors, so you can enjoy their authentic taste to the fullest.